Handcrafted Soaps, Soy and Beeswax Candles and Wax Melts. Created with care and love in East Hartford, Connecticut USA. New items added soon.

The Olive Palm was created due to my love of handcrafted items. It's name came from the fact that I make my soaps mainly with olive oil and I always get my palms covered with olive oil at one point or another!

There's always something a bit more special when it's made from scratch. Back in 2009 I decided to try my hand at soap making and candle making. I fell in love with both, learned quickly, but not without some sweat and tears. I started selling them at my former shop The Moonflower Boutique in Manchester, CT.

My daughter owns the shop now but I missed my love of creating soaps and candles. I am very happy doing what I have a passion for. Not just soap and candle making, but creating. New ideas pop into my head every day!

My soaps and candles are plant based but use little to no palm oil. I use no animal fats. The only animal product I use is goat's milk, which the momma goats happily give up. My goat milk is from The Lower 40 Farm in lovely and local Coventry, Connecticut.

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